A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

Sir Alec Issigonis

( and 99 other design rules to make your website look marvelous )

 Our strategy and design process is fun, focused, collaborative and most importantly your site need never resemble a camel.

We work closely with you and your staff to develop a clearly defined strategy for your website presentation.
Ready to help you with an illustration, a design refresh or an entirely new identity for your start-up.

We formulate the site to show off your organization in a user friendly way. Developing the content from a user/customer standpoint not only deepens engagement, it creates a welcoming experience they enjoy and want to share with others. How? By listening closely, focusing on your vision and mission statements, and asking the hard questions JeanneneDesign brainstorms options for presenting your company in a fresh new way.

Meaningful, shareable content is invaluable to your mission, and it’s the start of every project. We’ll help you write tailored content and design visuals to strengthen your story and engage your audience.

Using the WordPress Platform JeanneneDesign develops sites that are:
Both beautiful and user friendly
SEO optimized
Perfect for the client who wants to manage it themselves
No monthly fees
Shopping cart options
Integrated social media and email clients

strategy development + design studio dedicated to helping small businesses
and nonprofits in the San Francisco bay area get their story out

Let’s turn your story into a digital experience built to last.

Looking to develop a new site that is specifically designed to the needs of your business and one you can easily manage?

Let's get started